My Top 10 Sports Books of 2020

December 24th, 2020 From Phil Jackson’s (coaching) perspective on the Chicago Bulls dynasty to Kobe Bryant’s beloved legacy; here, I am counting down my top 10 sports reads of 2020. #1 Eleven Rings, Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty The hugely popular sports documentary series The Last Dance captivated the world as it was released byContinue reading “My Top 10 Sports Books of 2020”

How I Returned to Running After a Stress Fracture

How it Happened? At the start of this year, I was setting my sights on competing for a spot on Canada’s 2020 Olympic track and field team. Since I had not yet achieved the time standard of 4:04 (my current personal best is 4:10) I would need a combination of factors to give myself theContinue reading “How I Returned to Running After a Stress Fracture”