Top 10 Things to do in Southern California

& 10 Ways to Combat Climate Change As many of us haven’t boarded a plane and travelled somewhere new for quite some time now, I feel even more grateful looking back at all of the memories of the places that I’ve been/experienced. If you know me well, you’ll know that my favourite place on EarthContinue reading “Top 10 Things to do in Southern California”

Black Bean Burgers and Homemade Naan

No meat was missed in the making and devouring of these vegetarian black bean burgers. Black Bean Burgers Ingredients: 1 cup cooked/canned and rinsed black beans 1 egg 1/4 cup almond flour 2 tbsp parsley 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt (or regular table salt) 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp cumin 1/8 tsp cayenne powder 5Continue reading “Black Bean Burgers and Homemade Naan”

Greek Yogurt 8 Ways

The amount of greek yogurt that I consume makes up a significant portion of my diet. It’s very high in complete proteins and calcium, and it’s packed with probiotics. Below I’ve included 8 methods and 12 recipes using Greek yogurt [dips, snacks, and more] listed in no particular order of preference! I like to useContinue reading “Greek Yogurt 8 Ways”

Book Review

Slowing Down in a Fast-Paced World If 2020 is telling the world anything, it’s telling us to slow down. Scenario #1: Flashback four years to when I started university, I was definitely not caught up in the highly productive and motivated world. My grades were quickly declining, I was not racing well, I was frequentlyContinue reading “Book Review”

Fabulous Fall Curry Recipe

The weather is certainly beginning to give me fall vibes, so I have been opting for warm hearty dinners. This curry recipe is easy for anyone to make and it only takes around 20-25min. Yield: 1 Ingredients: 1 cup chickpeas 1/2 yam or sweet potato 1 medium size tomato + 3 cherry tomatoes 1/4 redContinue reading “Fabulous Fall Curry Recipe”

How I Returned to Running After a Stress Fracture

How it Happened? At the start of this year, I was setting my sights on competing for a spot on Canada’s 2020 Olympic track and field team. Since I had not yet achieved the time standard of 4:04 (my current personal best is 4:10) I would need a combination of factors to give myself theContinue reading “How I Returned to Running After a Stress Fracture”

Healthy High Protein Treats

Frozen Greek Yogurt Energy Bite Sandwiches As we’re soaking up the last bit of summer, I’ve been enjoying some frozen treats while the warm weather lasts! Frozen greek yogurt sandwiches are my new go-to. Plus, they have around 18-20g of protein for each sandwich. You can find a highlight reel of the process that wentContinue reading “Healthy High Protein Treats”

How to Make Bagels

My Top 5 Favourite Bagel Recipes If you follow me on Instagram (@courtneyhufsmith) you will soon discover that I make and eat a lot of bagels (it’s a weekly activity for me and I have one every morning for my first breakfast)! Here, I am sharing my top 5 favourite creations that I have made.Continue reading “How to Make Bagels”

Top 5 Stress Relief Quotes

I believe that the year 2020 has either brought a greater than normal amount of stress on individuals, or a lesser amount. As an athlete that had my hopes on making a bid for the 2020 Olympic Games; to have a more serious injury come at the start of the year (a stress fracture inContinue reading “Top 5 Stress Relief Quotes”

How to Make Homemade Sushi Without a Mat

Quinoa & Hummus, Vegan/Plant-Based Sushi I love sushi, but unless it’s at a sit down/upscale restaurant most of the sushi that you’ll find is not very healthy. That’s why I have crafted my own with this recipe… added bonus, YOU DON’T NEED A MAT (which is why I didn’t try making homemade sushi a longContinue reading “How to Make Homemade Sushi Without a Mat”