Top 10 Things to do in Southern California

& 10 Ways to Combat Climate Change

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As many of us haven’t boarded a plane and travelled somewhere new for quite some time now, I feel even more grateful looking back at all of the memories of the places that I’ve been/experienced.

If you know me well, you’ll know that my favourite place on Earth is California. Los Angeles and San Diego are two of my family’s favourite vacation destinations. In saying this, it is very sad to see the fires that are currently burning many parts of California. For this reason I have linked a few articles with information about the fires and below I have listed 10 small steps that we can all take to help combat climate change.


10 Small Steps to Combat Climate Change:

  1. Don’t overcharge devices/leave them plugged in longer than necessary.
  2. Reduce screen time by 2-3 hours/week.
  3. Invest in socially responsible companies.
  4. Eat primarily plant-based.
  5. Grow and use food from the garden as much and as long as possible.
  6. Replace 1 drive each week with a walk or bike ride.
  7. Always keep a reusable bag on hand.
  8. Follow news outlets/current events and vote.
  9. Repurpose/exchange old clothes.
  10. Turn off lights that aren’t being used.

They are small steps, but collectively little actions add up over time.

Onto the post, here I am counting down my top 10 favourite things to do in Southern California!

My Top 10 List

#10 Walking with the stars in Hollywood, views from Hollywood & Highland, and seeing the iconic Dolby and Chinese Theatres

Strolling along the stars is definitely a bucket-list item that you have to checkoff at some point. Also right next to the stars is Hollywood & Highland, an entertainment complex and shopping mall like no other, with views of the Hollywood sign. And while you’re there, you can’t miss the iconic Dolby Theatre and TCL Chinese Theatre.

#9 Padres vs. Dodgers game at Petco Park

Number nine on my list may be tougher to catch [πŸ˜‰] unless you plan your trip around the MLB schedule, but I highly recommend attending Petco Park in the heart of downtown San Diego for a baseball game even if it’s not a Padres vs. Dodgers matchup [hint: I am a Dodgers fan, but Petco Park is my favourite stadium].

#8 Shopping, sea lions, and ice cream in La Jolla

La Jolla is a must visit destination in San Diego. Sea lions, ocean views, upscale shopping and restaurants, and ice cream… what’s not to love?!

Added bonus, we were there on Haagen Dazs’ free cone day and I had their classic cookies and cream (sadly the United States doesn’t sell my favourite flavour Tiger Tiger/Tiger Tail, so I had to settle for second best).

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#7 Hiking at Torrey Pines

At Torrey Pines [San Diego], there are hikes for people of all ages. We took an easy route to the beach since we had my three-year-old niece with us, which led us to a beautiful sea cove. There are many hikes here that I have yet to do and would love to explore!

#6 Balboa Park

I could spend hours upon hours at Balboa Park in San Diego. There are tons of things to see and do, from the Japanese Friendship Gardens, restaurants, museums, and more, this place really has it all.

Another case of great timing was that we happened to be there while they hosted their annual Ethnic Food Fair. Eating apple strudel from Austria’s station and walking around the park was definitely a highlight.

#5 Sunset dinner at World Famous + rollercoaster ride at Belmont Park

For the majority of trips that we’ve taken to San Diego, we’ve rented a beach house/apartment in the Mission Beach/Bay area. Two features of this location include the restaurant World Famous and Belmont Park’s wooden rollercoaster. One of the best nights that I’ve spent here included a sunset dinner, followed by a rollercoaster ride later that night [but if you have a weak stomach, you may want to reverse that order].

#4 Beach, boardwalk, rides, and fun at Santa Monica Pier

My dream house would without a doubt be located in Santa Monica. The combination of the boardwalk, pier, and beach make it so that there is always something fun to do. My recommendation would be to start with a beach day, followed by a walk along the boardwalk, dinner or drinks at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on the pier during sunset, and finish with a ride on the ferris wheel at night.

[Sorry for no pictures, I guess I was just enjoying this place so much that I shut off my phone for awhile]!

#3 Disneyland

It’s the happiest place on Earth… need I say more?

To provide a little background, I’m sure this is where the obsession with California began back in 2001 [my first trip to California/Disneyland]. Hint, the one that looks very happy with herself on the couch is me. My favourite rides are Splash Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Tower of Terror (sadly replaced in 2017), and Grizzly River Run.

#2 Griffith Observatory + Hollywood sign trails

Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign trails are always one of the first things that we do when we arrive in California. The views from here are truly stunning.

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#1 Running along Mission Beach boardwalk

It probably comes as no surprise that my #1 thing to do in California involves running. Aside from the gorgeous sunrises, sunsets, and views; this place is where I really started to love running back in 2017. Long runs and workouts fly by when I’m running along the Mission Beach boardwalk and bayside.

2020 has definitely been a strange year. But I believe that there are so many things to look forward to and a little break from our ‘normal’ lives will make us much more appreciative and grateful for the little things in the future!

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