Home Bodyweight Exercises

As a middle distance runner that has represented Team Canada, I am quite familiar with bodyweight exercises and how they can have a positive impact on overall strength. While lifting heavier weights can be beneficial for performance, I believe that the majority of the population should focus on a more simple home workout routine.

Why stick to simple exercises?

A couple years ago my coaches and I adjusted my training to focus on bodyweight exercises instead of heavy lifting. Even with years of experience in the sport of track and field, I was using improper lifting techniques that were leading to unnecessary injuries. If you do decide to lift heavier, I recommend working with a certified personal trainer or coach to help you develop proper technique.

But for the majority of the population, I have listed some of my favourite home exercises with links that demonstrate how they should be performed. The ones that I have chosen target many parts of the body allowing you to easily implement them into your daily routine and workout!

My favourite bodyweight exercises:

Typically, I perform 45 minute circuits 3 times per week that are added into my running schedule. I choose the exercises based on how my body feels that day which determines the exercises that I will benefit from most. For example, if I have just completed a fast workout on the track and my hamstrings are feeling a bit sore, I might focus on other exercises that day such as those that target core and upper body strength. Just like how I emphasize variety in cooking, it is also important for training. This way, I target different parts of the body on different days that results in overall body strength.

If you also follow my instagram (@courtneyhufsmith) I regularly post some of my home workouts on my stories.


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